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Inshore Fishing Venice LA - Fishing History of Venice 

People from around the world regularly travel to Venice, Louisiana for its legendary and high-quality fishing. Despite being small, Venice is the leading fishing destination in the United States and offers a variety of opportunities for commercial and sport fishing.

Despite damages following Deepwater Horizon (or the great oil rig explosion) and Hurricane Katrina, the town has managed to upkeep tourism levels and their incredible sportfishing industry.

Venice sits in the coastal region of southeastern Louisiana where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Mississippi River. There are many charters to choose from that will allow you to explore some of the best fishing inshore or off-shore (some even offer oil rig fishing). 

Venice is the southernmost point along the Mississippi River that visitors can drive to. Prior to the expansion of marinas and charters, Venice was known as an industrial town thanks to its oil and commercial fishing. In the mid-1980s, the potential for great success in sport fishing was recognized and the development of the Venice fishing charter industry began.

Ever since, the town has had a successful and consistent market due to its tourism, sport fishing, and industry. The increase has led to the opening of hundreds of hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the area.

This beautiful fishing town has become home to some of the best fishing in the world. Each season brings its own adventures from redfish in the spring to group and snapper and the summer and more! Work with your guides to decide what you want to fish for and they will determine the route to test out a variety of techniques.

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